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Even the best of surfaces are subject to wear and tear caused by time, weather and traffic. No paved surface is permanent. By undertaking a program of planned pavement maintenance, considerable savings in rehabilitation costs may be achieved. Proper maintenance will significantly extend the life of existing pavements, and it will remain sound, usable and safe. New asphalt should be sealed after 90 days.

Asphalt is a flexible material initially and it is attacked by harmful elements such as: ultraviolet rays of the sun, rain, frost, air, oil, antifreeze, and gasoline. These culprits slowly oxidize it and rob it of its oils. This causes it to become brittle and crack.

Sealcoating not only extends the life of your asphalt, it greatly improves the appearance. Sealcoating restores your driveway or parking lot back to a rich black color. As well it leaves a smooth uniform surface making it easier for sweeping and debris removal.

USA Seal And Stripe uses a high performance sealcoat mix for asphalt pavement micro surfacing sealant derived from core technology.Sealcoating can extend the life of your asphalt up to 50% with regular maintenance.

Have USA Seal And Stripe Sealcoat For You Now and protect your pavement investment from harmful, costly, damaging elements. We can keep your driveway or parking lot looking new and beautiful, year after year.